Questions and Answers about Soaking Feet

Will I receive a soothing foot soak during my treatment? No! ***

Should I soak my feet before my appointment? Please don’t!

Here’s why:

  • Soaking is different from cleansing.
  • Soaking may cause the skin to become dry!
  • Soaking can lead to maceration and worsening of infection.
  • If a person has loss of sensation at any stage and/or Neuropathy, soaking may accidentally take place in water that is too hot causing a severe burn.
  • Soaking can delay appropriate or timely treatment.

Soaking makes it very difficult to determine the harder callus material from the softer skin, and this can lead to less effective reduction of the callus or nails.

Soaking can cause the foot care Nurse to probe too deeply, resulting in a laceration or cut, which adds to the risk of infection.

Benefits of NOT soaking:

*** By not soaking there is more time for you to receive proper cleansing and a pampering foot massage at the end of your visit!