Foot Care Services Include:

  • Nursing Skin and nail Assessment - $10
  • Initial Foot Care Session-depends on the initial condition of the feet and nails
  • Routine foot care to maintain comfortable,healthy feet - $45
  • Thick nails  * Irregularly shaped nails
  • Toe nail trimming & thinning
  • Corns and calluses reduced
  • Diabetic foot care & education
  • Ingrowing toenails
  • Neuropathic foot & nail care
  • Simple Padding & foot care products recommendations as needed.
  • Same day cancellation - $20


Foot Care Visits Include:

Assessment of lower extremities, feet, toes, skin, nails and documentation of conditions or changes-not provided during a Beauty/Spa or pedicure.

Skilled and safe nail grooming following the Infection Control guidelines of the CDC with instruments that are cleaned, disinfected and sterilized.

Nails and calluses are trimmed gently with a sterilizable file, clipper, curette, or carbide or diamond bur.

Education and resources are provided as needed to maintain healthy feet.

Both lower extremities and feet receive a thorough cleansing and final massage with moisturizing cream.

Because I am not a Nurse Practitioner or DPM, I’m unable to file with your insurance.

Payment: check or cash.

It is NOT necessary to pre-soak your feet before appointments!

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